Wednesday, 10 February 2016

Pillow Talk

When in certain situations it's difficult to know how you'll react. I'm going to write questions based on relationship problems, work and life. Then answer them in a way I would respond. Hope you enjoy

1) What's your biggest problem? 

People that talk about themselves all the time, please just talk to yourself. Oh and when people say "you don't look your age" but act all extra when they say it.

2) What would you do if you knew your good friend was cheating on her boyfriend?

Well she's a good friend so it makes it awkward. But I don't believe anyone should be in a relationship and have a secret thing on the side. If you're in a relationship and not satisfied you need to speak up or be gone. I'd tell her a thousand times what she's doing is wrong, as I'm not a supporter of cheating. And the worst thing my friend could do is say that she was with me all weekend and was with the 'SIDE MAN' instead. This is because if I bumped into her man I would tell him straight- "no she wasn't with me". I'm not getting into no ones mixed up lies, and if you decide to no longer be my friend because of that, you was never really a friend.

3) If you found a lump, what would you do?

I'd be scared and my initial thought would be that it might be cancer. I wouldn't go to the doctor straight away, although this would be the most sensible thing to do as it might not even be cancer. It would be a few weeks or months before I'd tell my partner and mother. After telling them I would have built up the confidence to go seek the doctors advice.

4) If you won the lottery (10k) and your sibling had a 10k debt, what would you do?

Well why is my sister in 10k worth of debt, the reason behind it would need to be really good like; investment reasons, borrowed a loan but got made redundant. I wouldn't pay it all off but give her 5k towards it.

5) You're at a party but had an argument with your partner. Your good friend is drunk and moves to yah man, what do you do?

Drunk or not drunk, why you moving to my man! I'd seriously have to distance myself from the 'friend'. If I saw that my man never tried to push her off him I'd be leaving without him and he'd get it. If I cant trust my man around 1 bitch I can't trust him round none.

Very difficult to say if I'd leave him because you can't turn off feelings, but then again if I done that im sure he wouldn't want to hear me out. 

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