Friday, 5 February 2016

The Confident & Cocky Interview

Hi all...

My recent experience while in an interview was beyond ridiculous. I'm trying to change the career path I'm taking so I need to work from the bottom up. I'm usually really nervous and reserved in an interview (hate saying shy), but prior to the interview I was feeling myself way too much because of what I was wearing, and it only got worse as I walked into the shop. When I finally got interviewed things got from confident to cocky! I was butting in when the person interviewing me was speaking and also slightly taking control.

I was a loud mouth, over confident b.....itch!  Hahaa, you could smell me from a mile away. Literally, I was covered in a cocktail mix of perfumes. I applied to the perfume shop (Its a start- shut up Lol) so I thought it would have been a great approach smelling good.

Moving on it all seemed fine. I was asked a load of questions and I thought I had answered them reasonably well. Yet it all fell apart when I was asked to state 3 words to describe myself. I chose WONDERFUL, TALKATIVE and DIFFERENT! 

Yes different indeed. If you get asked questions don't answer in an obnoxious way as it's definitely not the way to go. I know this of course but I must of been high off perfume fumes. Unfortunately I ended up coming across pompous so didn't get the job. Oh well, you live and you learn, next time I just won't cross the line. I'll just have to continue job hunting and hope the next interview goes well.  

Job interview tips...

Arrive at least 5 mins early

Dress appropriately


Ooze confidence (Not too much)

Research the company

Practice your response to obvious questions

Good eye contact



  1. Great blog, so if you want, we can to follow each other on bloglovin! Just follow me here and I'll follow you back! ♥

  2. This was a great read. I guess we all have our moments but this one is just so funny. It's so funny that it's great. I loved it. I don't see too many people being honest like this in their blog posts so you have totally gained a new follower.

    Heba xx || The Heba

    1. Thank you, I know there are too many perfectly polished bloggers and I don't want to be one. I just hope I can keep up the good work!

    2. I hope your search for another job is going well! xx

    3. Sorry abwt the late reply. I'm still on the lookout, I did call the store back to get feedback and the Manager said she'll call back- I'm still waiting on the call.

  3. Yes, it is to go overboard when on a job!! I may have made this mistake a time or two...hahaha! It's all good. When the right opportunity comes along, you'll be the right fit. :)

    1. Yeahh you're right! It wasn't the right job for me. I'll hopefully get a position in a place I like sion xx


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