Sunday, 28 February 2016


List of things that will help you while the painters are around.
Hey girls and women,
Only we know what true pain feels like! We deal with so much yet still manage to keep a smile on our face. Every month without fail we have the painters visiting, yes I'm talking about menstural cycle, periods! Obviously if you're on some form of contraception, unbalanced diet etc they will stop.

Periods are a pain and so you need to know ways that can help you ease the cramping pains.

As you know every individual will experience things in life different from others. And period pain varies from mild to significantly painful. One of the best ways to ease the cramping is by staying active. If you're not feeling for an adventurous walk, you might just want to walk to the shops for sweets.

It might not seem appropriate but dress up and put a bit of makeup on. Look good feel great! Plus I also read somewhere that women dress better when they're on their periods. If you're lucky you might get a few compliments which will boost up you confidence levels.

People say eat healthy and so you should but when you're on your periods you tend to crave sweet things more than usual. Have a few extra bites of everything.. After all you're  bloody hungry. <crude joke alert.

Anything hot.. hot drink, warm bath, hot water bottle you need it.

A back massage from who ever.. just let them get on with it.

Medication might be a must, I try to stay away from them but when it's unbareable take a pain killer. Plus hormones are all over the place, so you might want to take a calms if you can't tolerate anyone around you either lool.

If pains are extremely unbareable consider going to your GP. You don't want periods to interfere with your daily life. Periods shouldn't stop you from going for a meal with friends. However, stay away from wearing white. 


Wednesday, 10 February 2016

Pillow Talk

When in certain situations it's difficult to know how you'll react. I'm going to write questions based on relationship problems, work and life. Then answer them in a way I would respond. Hope you enjoy

1) What's your biggest problem? 

People that talk about themselves all the time, please just talk to yourself. Oh and when people say "you don't look your age" but act all extra when they say it.

2) What would you do if you knew your good friend was cheating on her boyfriend?

Well she's a good friend so it makes it awkward. But I don't believe anyone should be in a relationship and have a secret thing on the side. If you're in a relationship and not satisfied you need to speak up or be gone. I'd tell her a thousand times what she's doing is wrong, as I'm not a supporter of cheating. And the worst thing my friend could do is say that she was with me all weekend and was with the 'SIDE MAN' instead. This is because if I bumped into her man I would tell him straight- "no she wasn't with me". I'm not getting into no ones mixed up lies, and if you decide to no longer be my friend because of that, you was never really a friend.

3) If you found a lump, what would you do?

I'd be scared and my initial thought would be that it might be cancer. I wouldn't go to the doctor straight away, although this would be the most sensible thing to do as it might not even be cancer. It would be a few weeks or months before I'd tell my partner and mother. After telling them I would have built up the confidence to go seek the doctors advice.

4) If you won the lottery (10k) and your sibling had a 10k debt, what would you do?

Well why is my sister in 10k worth of debt, the reason behind it would need to be really good like; investment reasons, borrowed a loan but got made redundant. I wouldn't pay it all off but give her 5k towards it.

5) You're at a party but had an argument with your partner. Your good friend is drunk and moves to yah man, what do you do?

Drunk or not drunk, why you moving to my man! I'd seriously have to distance myself from the 'friend'. If I saw that my man never tried to push her off him I'd be leaving without him and he'd get it. If I cant trust my man around 1 bitch I can't trust him round none.

Very difficult to say if I'd leave him because you can't turn off feelings, but then again if I done that im sure he wouldn't want to hear me out. 


Monday, 8 February 2016

The Good, The Bad and The Ugly Eye brows

A week of viewing how the shape of my eye brows change everyday. I know slightly boring but it's different. I struggle everyday to keep up the desired shape so have a laugh a my eyebrows and see how I well my brows looked.

Monday brows:
So these looked ok, not the best though. One brow was thicker than the other, very noticeable when I had my glasses on. I tried to even them out and this is what I was left with. 


Tuesday brows: 

I was in a rush as always and to be honest the brows didn't look as dramatic as they do in the picture. I believe I pressed down too hard so the brows are really dark. I don't care sometimes I like them dark. 


Wednesday brows: 
Struggle day nothing more needs to be said.


Thursday brows: 
Simple make up on and finally had time to do my make up kind if good. I'm not really keen on the way the brows end, but sometimes when you mess about with the too much they don't end up looking good at all. 


Friday brows:  
I like the thickness but again the ending. They probably look too dark too but I love them like that. 


The weekend I never went out so left the brows in their natural state. Like the blog if you enjoyed it and comment. Keep updated by following x 

What's your eyebrow shape? Look at the first image and comment x


Friday, 5 February 2016

The Confident & Cocky Interview

Hi all...

My recent experience while in an interview was beyond ridiculous. I'm trying to change the career path I'm taking so I need to work from the bottom up. I'm usually really nervous and reserved in an interview (hate saying shy), but prior to the interview I was feeling myself way too much because of what I was wearing, and it only got worse as I walked into the shop. When I finally got interviewed things got from confident to cocky! I was butting in when the person interviewing me was speaking and also slightly taking control.

I was a loud mouth, over confident b.....itch!  Hahaa, you could smell me from a mile away. Literally, I was covered in a cocktail mix of perfumes. I applied to the perfume shop (Its a start- shut up Lol) so I thought it would have been a great approach smelling good.

Moving on it all seemed fine. I was asked a load of questions and I thought I had answered them reasonably well. Yet it all fell apart when I was asked to state 3 words to describe myself. I chose WONDERFUL, TALKATIVE and DIFFERENT! 

Yes different indeed. If you get asked questions don't answer in an obnoxious way as it's definitely not the way to go. I know this of course but I must of been high off perfume fumes. Unfortunately I ended up coming across pompous so didn't get the job. Oh well, you live and you learn, next time I just won't cross the line. I'll just have to continue job hunting and hope the next interview goes well.  

Job interview tips...

Arrive at least 5 mins early

Dress appropriately


Ooze confidence (Not too much)

Research the company

Practice your response to obvious questions

Good eye contact


Tuesday, 2 February 2016


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Fresh Month Fresh Start..


Literally this is what I'm doing, getting organised to perfection.

I keep putting my eggs in too many baskets so the aim of perfection is impossible. I've got to get everything the way that I want it eventually right! Making content that isn't really me is boring and gosh just by the presentation you can tell. I've become a thousand times more confident since having my little boy back in June last year. I even get a little cocky at times, and everyone knows how much I HATE cocky people.

I've read a million Blogs since starting to blog and unfortunately I don't know what the world is coming to but every blog is near enough the same. Maybe I'm not exploring further and finding these amazing blogs but its getting boring (to me) reading the same shit from a thousand different people.

I'm far from the obvious and nothing I do or say is predictable! Hence why I just want to combine the content that I put out. I don't want to write about the same topics in a different style, I just want to discuss anything and everything.

Any way for this month I've set a few goals that I want to fulfil. Feel free to look at the list below:

Find bloggers that are interesting

Use my twitter a lot more

Get my son into a routine

Buy a new phone 

Attend all university lectures

Meet up with a friend I haven't seen in a while

Keep up with this blog
Actually complete a few sections to my dissertation 
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