Friday, 1 April 2016

Friday feedback: HotChoc&Read

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Heyy.. its been a very long time since I last done a weekly blog update of what I've been getting up too. I'm starting again!!
So if you haven't read this kind of piece from me before I just hope you enjoy it.

Starting off with my favourite day of the week- I'm serous too. Monday! Its a bank holiday and I was feeling really tired. I just wanted to sleep all day because I went to my grandparents house which took an hour and 10 minutes. I drove there stayed for a couple hours then came back as I decided not to stay over, I genuinely just love sleeping in my own bed. I got back on the motorway at 22:30 and that was a bad choice indeed because I hate driving in the dark.

Anyway I made it home safely but being a mother an all, I only managed to get some sleep at 2am. My Lil boy was not interested in going to sleep so I had to wait for him to get tired.

Tuesday I had some time to my self, I was on the fence about whether I should have a Lil nap while my son is out with his auntie or watch 'The Walking Dead'.. Yes I love it, just wish I knew people that could love it with me Lol.

For the rest of the day I typed up part of an Essay due in for the 4th of April. It's so difficult getting in the mood for assignments, even though once I started I really got into it.

Wednesday didn't go to plan at all. My intentions were to take my son swimming, like I've planned to do this several weeks already. The only thing now is that my lectures are all over and there was no excuse to miss it this week. That was before I realised there was a hole in my swim suite. Yeah I could have gone to the shops to buy one, but I literally only wanted to go out and come back.

In the end I my son played with his chu-chu train, books, train, and a whole lot more! When he finally decided that he needed some rest I cleaned up.

Thursday the weather was beautiful for I'm honestly not feeling it. I think I need to be feeling myself before I head outside. You know when it's shining people can see everything wrong so I'm staying in for a little while longer. - gosh I'm sounding a little depressed when I think about it.

In the night I tried to get my son to sleep in his own crib, his getting big and long now so he definitely need to learn how to sleep in his own bed.

Friday I woke up to a big massive present from my son, yeah the brown thing in his nappy. Gave him a bottle at 07:15 and tried to get him to go back to sleep. That didn't work of course, so I'm going to play chu- chu train again.

 Thanks for reading see you next week, hope you have a great weekend xoxo


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