Sunday, 13 March 2016

Year 1, 2 and 3 of Uni


I know university is not for everyone, but it's part of my story now. So glad I've made it to the final year, and trust me I'm feeling the pressure. Although I've not officially finished my last year, I thought it would be interesting to let those interested know what my experience was like.

Year 1:
Obviously freshers! For me that was not the case at all. Making new friends is about the only thing I done that year, besides completing assignments. University is a place where you've definitely got to make the most of it. I can't say I did, as I often tend to hold back and be quite shy sometimes. I'm literally like a sugar waffle, which only tastes nice when warmed up. Well for me.. so I'm my real self when I get used to your company.

I was always staring my assignments last minute. You know the night before, some how believed I'd be able to overcome the challenge ahead! I mean I always did but it was not great quality. The joke is I was hardly out socially with friends, that figuring out why I never started my essays at least a week before the deadline was even an issue. It happens to many though I guess. Plus it's all about being in the mood.

Year 2:
Obviously uni was a consistent pain. Though I had friends at university I wouldn't say we was close at all. We'd only meet up at uni and mostly speak at uni too, and texting would either involve the assignment or the room the lecture was in. It's a small uni but i'd say everyone who studies there seemed to keep themselves to them self.

I also managed to turn a pregnancy test positive, that's right I was pregnant. Studying while being pregnant was not that bad for me to be honest, but also not ideal. I had great support not off the uni but from my family and hubby. Several times I entertained the idea of wanting to get off the Muvafuxing course, but that was me over reacting to the upcoming stress of deadlines. I could tell you one particular situation that really maxed out my stress levels so I ended up crying. Hmm this has my blood boiling still thinking about it.

My pregnancy was easy and in the summer holidays I gave birth. Ohh the birth is something you can't prepare, but it was just so great when he came out. The feeling of relief and no longer being in pain was AMAZING!

Year 3:
So currently my son is 9 months and I'll be done with this course by May, Juneish I believe. My dissertation is still under construction alongside other assignments. It's difficult to complete work when my Lil boy follows me around everywhere! The only time I can do something is at night time and even that's a struggle. I must say though since having a baby I really don't stress over a lot of things I use to. I'm more confident by a thousand times and content I guess. I do however, need a job more suited to my passion now though.

Having previously worked as a support worker I feel trapped in this direction. What employers fail to realise is that im 21 and my mind is not made up on things I use to like doing before, I've grown up and changed- become myself in other words.

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*Disclaimer: I write without proof reading, think of it as a brain teaser to fill in the appropriate word*


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