Tuesday, 1 March 2016

5 Places I Go To In Birmingham..


If you was not aware that I lived in Birmingham UK already now you know. And a list of 5 places I go to in brum when I'm bored are listed below.

So since I've had a baby I haven't really been out much. I can just about eat a meal in peace, let alone get dressed well to go out. When I do go out though I pick one of the places below. I do like to explore and what not but often still find myself in the same places.

1. Odeon just off Five ways. I like going to the cinemas and this is my favourite cinema to go to.

2. I like going bowling, not so much with my man though. He doesn't know how to lose and let's say, he has a special way of throwing the ball. So I either go to ten pin at Star City or bowl plex in town off Five ways.

3. Chinese buffet, I mean it's a good and bad place to go to.. If you eat too much you feel sick and if you eat to little, you've wasted money. I don't know. So I'd usually go to one in China town but there's a buffet restaurant on every other corner these days.

4. Shopping for me is long. To be honest, I haven't done proper shopping in a while because I refuse to buy certain sizes. I keep saying I'm going to burn weight off but that's still pending. So yeah if I'm shopping I'm going to the Fort, Matalan and maybe go in town really early on a school day- pray that no one see's me.

5. A stroll around sandwell valley. It has beautiful scenery, good for taking pictures.

I'm about the quiet life, but I do have fun honestly. Where do you go in Birmingham? If you're not from Birmingham where do you go locally?

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